Why You Should Use Lemongrass Oil?

The aromatic tropical plant lemongrass is found in India and, despite its lemony name, it isn’t really related in any way to the citrus family. This fresh and fruity lemon-scented essential oil is an extract that can be now found in plenty of beauty products. Popular for a number of uses throughout history, from de-stressing the mind to purifying the skin, lemongrass oil is something you should not miss out on.

Following are some of the many benefits of Lemongrass Oil:

  1. Wonderful fragrance

Thanks to its fabulously fresh citrus fragrance, lemongrass essential oil has become a no-brainer addition to beauty products for its naturally alluring and tangy smell.

  1. Best for oily skin

One of the most amazing beauty benefits of lemongrass essential oil is how it can aid in reducing oiliness and controlling shine. That’s why lemongrass oil is used in skincare products as a natural astringent to regulate excess oil on the skin.

  1. Acne-fighting properties

For centuries, lemongrass has been in use as a natural remedy to avert infection and heal wounds. Scientific research has also backed up this historic belief that lemongrass has antibacterial properties which now, as part of a skincare formulation, makes it a great ingredient for tackling pimple-causing bacteria.

  1. Bath time stress buster

The calming effects of aromatherapy essential oils can have on both body and mind have been proven several times. And the aromatic smell of lemongrass essential oil is an amazing way to relax the senses and pamper your skin.

  1. Cleanses skin

Lemongrass essential oil has ultra-purifying properties which deem it perfect for skin care. These properties help in removing impurities, detoxifying the skin, and leaving it feeling clean and smooth.

  1. Antioxidant benefits

Antioxidants are good for your skin as they help inneutralizing damaging free radicals, which can be harmful to your skin. As a natural antioxidant, lemongrass essential oil is another fighter in the battle against free radicals.

  1. Gives you a good night’s sleep

Thanks to its soothing and beneficial properties, along with its wistful scent, lemongrass essential oil can aid you to drift off into a more peaceful night’s rest.

  1. Treats Varicose Veins

Theoretical data suggests that essential oils like lemongrass can increase blood circulation and decrease swelling. This can help ease the varicose veins condition.

You can create a warm compress by soaking a cloth in 5 drops of lemongrass essential oil and one-liter water. Apply this compress to the area for around 15 minutes. Make sure you keep your legs elevated all while you are using the compress.

  1. Strengthens Your Hair

Since the lemongrass oil is anti-bacterial, it produces a conducive environment on your scalp for healthy hair growth. It fortifies hair follicles. You can blend three drops of lemongrass essential oil with three tablespoons of raw olive oil and massage deeply into your hair. Wrap a towel loosely around your head for 15 minutes. Then, you can shampoo as usual.This procedure may help kill hair lice as well.

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