Your Handy Guide to Choosing the Best Sunscreen

Your Handy Guide to Choosing the Best Sunscreen - aaranyaa skincare

 Being out in the sun for an extended amount of time can damage your skin. But you can’t always be in the shade, and that’s why we have sunscreen. Sunscreen majorly works by blocking and absorbing harmful UV rays through different chemicals present in it. Nevertheless, finding the right kind of sunscreen is a challenge.

Read on to know how to choose the best sunscreen for you.

Following are the things you should consider:

  1. The right SPF

SPF or Sun Protection Factor is the measure of how much UVB light your sunscreen can filter. If you want to protect yourself from UV rays daily, then SPF 15 can do the job. However, it is recommended that you use SPF 30 because it blocks 97 percent of UV rays.

Make sure you cover all exposed areas with sunscreen every day. This is especially crucial if you are going to spend extra hours in the sun.

  1. Check the Active Ingredients

It is extremely necessary to know what goes on your sunscreen. Some ingredients are maybe more harmful than you think. And some will be extremely important for your protection against harmful UV rays.

It is recommended that you avoid sunscreen that contains Vitamin A. This vitamin is known to increase the risk of skin tumors. 

  1. Choose a broad-spectrum SPF

Choose a sunscreen with broad-spectrum coverage of SPF 30 to 50. It helps guard your skin against sunburn and sun damage. It also enhances prevention against UVA radiation.

  1. Check for Water Resistance

If you're headed to the beach or pool in the summer, wearing water-resistant sunscreen is a no-brainer. But it's a pretty smart alternative for daily use. Water-resistant sunscreens are good because the rule of thumb is to reapply sunscreen every two hours.

And a lot of people don’t comprehend that they’re sweating their sunscreen lotions off through the day, more so when it’s humid outside. So, water-resistant sunscreens give extra protection even if they are not in actual water.

  1. Level of Sun Exposure

When choosing sunscreen, you should keep in mind how much sun exposure you will be getting, and how long your time of exposure is. For example, if you are going out to the beach for the day, it is important to look for a sunscreen that will protect you from strong rays as they are strongest around noon.

Oftentimes, the brighter and clearer the sky is, the more UV rays there are. You can also check on the Ultraviolet (UV) Index for the day, which tells you just how strong these rays are that day. The UV Index ranges from 1 (low) to 11+ (extreme), and when it's at 8 or above, our unprotected skin can burn in 15 minutes or less.

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If you are going to be out in the sun for longer and want to protect your face, try using Aaranyaa’s Sun Block Lotion SPF 40 +. This lotion is formulated with Wheatgerm Oil and Sea Buckthorn Oil, it generates skin cells and nourishes your skin.