Skincare Alert: Charcoal, A Savior For Your Skin For The Monsoon Season

Skincare Alert: Charcoal, A Savior For Your Skin For The Monsoon Season - aaranyaa skincare

As the temperatures change and the humidity rises during the monsoon, your skin may feel greasy or sticky. All factors contributing to acne and irritated skin, including oily buildup on the face and scalp, must be addressed. Blackheads, grime, pollutants, and other skin issues become more prevalent during the rainy season. 

During the monsoon, skin detoxification becomes a mandatory procedure in a skincare routine. Charcoal has recently gained popularity as a star ingredient in many cosmetic products because it can absorb and trap bacteria and pollutants. That's why charcoal-based products are recommended for use by skin experts. 

How does charcoal benefit the skin? 

  • Removes excess oil and pore-clogging particles, thereby preventing blackheads.
  • It acts on the pollutants that cling onto the skin by removing them to save your skin from acne and other skin-related problems. 
  • Maintains skin oil balance for a firmer skin texture.
  • It helps to draw out toxins to gently detoxify and cleanse the skin.
  • Leaves skin silky and smooth every day with an active cooling effect. 
  • It gives your skin a vibrant glow from the inside out by cleansing and nourishing the skin and controlling the oil-water balance. 
  • It is a natural exfoliant whose primary task is to remove dead skin cells for glowing skin. 
  • It has antifungal and antibacterial properties which aid in skin restoration.

How to effectively use charcoal peel off masks?

You never knew your skin needed a hero ingredient like activated charcoal. Take advantage of charcoal by using a charcoal peel-off mask. 

Follow the steps below :  

Step #1: Wash your face properly before putting on the mask. A clean face aids in the mask's ability to unclog your pores. 
Step #2: Apply the mask evenly to your entire face and neck. Avoid getting any of it in your eyes. 
Step #3: Allow the mask to naturally air dry for 15 minutes, then gently peel it off and finally rinse with water.
Step #4: After gently drying your face, don't forget to moisturize. 

Have you tried our product? 

The charcoal peel-off mask from Aaranyaa removes dead skin cells and blackheads while drawing out impurities from the skin. The power of activated charcoal offers thorough cleansing necessary to counteract the effects of pollution. This charcoal peel off mask helps remove oil and buildup from pores without making the skin dry. This is a natural product which is free from Sulfates, Paraben, SLS, Mineral Oil, Petroleum, and Artificial Preservatives. It rejuvenates, brightens, and makes the skin glow. 


Along with the charcoal peel off mask, we recommend using the following products to keep your skin healthy: 

So pamper your face well with a charcoal peel-off mask, which will revitalize your skin and give you a healthy shine.