Night Creams Myths Everybody Should Read About

The concept of "beauty sleep" goes far beyond urban legend. We may daydream about a beachfront resort in the tropics to unwind and rejuvenate, but our skin is hard at work, healing and replenishing itself as we sleep. It is tempting to get into bed at the end of a long day, but giving some extra minutes to care for your skin will pay off in the long term. 

Night creams are used to rejuvenate the skin after daily stresses such as makeup removal, pollution, dust, and car exhaust have stripped it. Many misunderstand the concept of using night creams.

Here are five myths about this important part of skin care:

Myth #1: There is no difference between day and night creams.

The major difference between them is that day cream has a sun protection factor (SPF) and is lighter than night cream. Moisturizers used during the day shield the skin from environmental aggressors, while those used at night are formulated to rehydrate and nourish the skin. Using certain day creams at night is not recommended as they may block pores.  Also, your skin may not receive the supplemental hydration it needs when you sleep which can be provided by the night creams in the right amounts. 

Myth #2: Night cream isn't for someone my age!

Think again if you feel you are too young for a night cream!

Collagen synthesis can start to decline as early as the age of 25, and collagen is a key component in the upkeep of hair and skin. Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are among the components included in many night creams that help maintain healthy skin. These components encourage collagen production in the skin that prevents your skin from ageing. To retain a younger looking and fresh skin even as you age, night cream should be an essential part of one's skincare regimen.

Do you still believe using night creams has an age bar?

Myth #3: A beauty industry’s marketing gimmick is night cream

You might be considering night cream as just any other beauty product, but to wake you up from this myth, let me tell you, night cream does make a striking difference & turn out to be one of the best skin care products for you. The night cream helps in synthesizing the production of collagen as you sleep, making your skin appear firmer and plumper when you wake up. This minimizes sagging and the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. Simply put, it is a much-needed, rejuvenating at-home treatment for your skin while you take your beauty sleep.

Myth #4: Night creams make no difference in skin in the morning

Sleeping causes natural moisture loss, leaving skin dry, irritated, dehydrated, and tight upon awakening rather than rejuvenated. The heavier and richer consistency of night cream is intentional, as they are meant to hydrate and support ageing skin. Night creams have moisturizing elements that work gently over several hours as you sleep and help reduce wrinkles and fine lines (especially when sunscreen is not in the way). This makes your skin appear plump and nourished in the morning.

Myth #5: Only pricey night creams are effective

It is common practice for high-end luxury brands to charge a premium due to factors such as their prestigious reputation, the packaging they come in, and the celebrity endorsements they receive. Be wary of such expensive night creams and check for the ingredients in them and the concentration levels of those ingredients to justify the cost. However, these products are manufactured considering all the aspects a customer looks for. If you want to know about the goodness of skincare products, read the label, not the price tag.

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