Without a doubt, our hands serve as the most amazing tools that make our day to day activities and life easier. But do you not believe that we neglect our hands more than any other portion of our body? Yes, indeed!

While the truth is that we regularly expose our hands to a variety of substances and basically use them for every primary function, we tend to forget to give them the extra care it deserves. It's obvious to forget to moisturize your hands at the same level as the rest of your face, neck, and body given our busy lifestyles and habits. However, throughout the day, our hands come into touch with irritants like hand soap, hand sanitizing gels, alcohol-based cleaning products, etc. in addition to being continually exposed to the outdoor environment. When you use your fingers to scroll and type while working or studying, it can leave your skin dry, red, and flaky, which can be very unpleasant. 

Assuming no one is truly looking at them, many people concentrate more on their faces and less on their hands. But because we often communicate through our hand gestures, taking care of them with the appropriate hand cream can improve both our outward appearance and inner confidence. 

Hand cream, please!!

Best Hand Cream


Because the skin on the hands and the rest of our body is naturally different in texture and thickness, they require different care. Hand creams have higher concentrations of oil and are absorbed faster than body creams as the top of your hands tend to dry out quickly due to their continuous exposure and lack of any oil glands. 

Look for best hand cream that contain vital fatty acids and oils; avoid anything too oily, such as petroleum jelly, since it will make your hands too sticky to handle. The best way to increase hydration and pack as much moisture into the palms, nails, cuticles, and top of the palms is to apply hand and nail cream at the back of your palms, under and along the tips and edges of the nails, and cuticles and gently massage it in circular motions. It is advised to use it before going to bed to yield maximum benefits.

Advantages of Using Hand and Nail Cream

  1. Boost up the hydration content:

Working all day long makes your hands more likely to become dry, rough, and chapped. Most hand & nail creams have two categories of substances - the occlusives and emollients, that lock and seal moisture while forming a physical barrier on the skin which help to achieve well moisturized skin for your hands.

  1. Cut your age some slack:

With time the skin loses its radiance and elasticity. The first signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and age spots also show on your hands. In addition to strengthening nails and moisturizing cuticles, hand creams with oils that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids will leave your hands moisturized, looking gorgeous, youthful and healthy.

  1. Metamorphose into satiny soft hands that look and feel better:

If dry and flaky hands and cuticles are your concern, opt for a hand cream. You can achieve silky smooth nails, cuticles, and hands with the help of a hydrating hand cream that provides intense moisturization with the vitamin-rich oils present in them. Rubbing in a generous amount of hand cream after washing your hands or at the end of a busy day will transform your dry skin into soft supple and beautiful hands. 

  1. Keep the sun damage at bay:

Hand cream is not only effective against dry skin, nails, and cuticles, but it can also protect your skin from the sun. It creates a barrier on your skin against environmental aggressors, protecting your hands every time you go outside.

  1. Give your hands an instant facelift:

Whenever possible, opt for chemical-free, all-natural alternatives that are packed with extensive hydrating and moisturizing actives that help clear pigmentation and dark spots and bring back the natural glow and luster to the skin.


Moringa Oil: A very large tree native to North India, Moringa oleifera has been hailed for its health benefits for a very long time. It contains a lot of beneficial antioxidants and seven essential amino acids are all found in the oleifera seeds.

Manuka Oil: Manuka oil, which contains 22 essential amino acids, is one of the finest moisturizing and antibacterial ingredients and is referred to as a superfood and natural wound healer. Its source is Manuka honey, obtained from the same-named New Zealand plant.


Stay away from soaps and cleansers that contain chemicals which can be harsh on your skin. Since you wash your hands multiple times daily, choose a natural alternative.

To keep your cuticles moisturized every day, use cuticle oil or hand cream for the best results 

When you go outside, remember to apply sunscreen to your hands to prevent tanning and sunburn.

Long nails may be attractive, but neglected nails can break easily. Keep your nails clean and trimmed if they tend to break off easily.

Exfoliate your hands frequently to eliminate dead skin cells and other impurities.

Use only the highest-quality nail polish to avoid damaging your nails when caring for your hands. Additionally, occasionally skip the polish and give your nails a rest.

It's best to wear gloves when gardening, using strong-smelling ingredients, or working in the kitchen to protect your hands.


  • Does hand cream make nails stronger?

Hand creams with all natural ingredients and oils like moringa oil can help make your nails stronger and prevent breakage. 

  • What is the ideal time to use hand cream?

It would help if you used hand cream when your hands feel dry and rough.

Aaranyaa Hand and Cuticle Cream with Moringa and Manuka Oil recognizes nature's power and holds the answer to all of your skin's problems. The amino fruit extracts render it a delicate, comforting texture that absorbs right into the skin, leaving your hands feeling soft and smooth in no time.