5 Reasons Why Hand Cream is the Most Important Product in Your Handbag

5 Reasons Why Hand Cream is the Most Important Product in Your Handbag - aaranyaa skincare

Have you ever realized how many times you use your hands in a day? It begins as soon as you wake up when you snooze your alarm clock, tip-tap on your phone for Instagramming, tie your bun, bathe with a shower gel or even do chores. Yes, it’s the most useful part of the body yet very much neglected. Many of us love to stock up our bathroom shelves  with expensive soaps, shampoos, shower gels and eye creams.  However, there is no such cream for our hands and there is no such hand care routine too. Taking care of your hands doesn’t need a 10-step ritual like shopping exclusively in Sephora cosmetic store or following a Youtube channel for measured steps or even buy a separate cosmetic bag to fit into your handbag. Taking care of hands is just about using one simple hand cream. Read on to know why hand cream is the most important product in your handbag.   

  1. It’s always about Self-love and Self-care

Self-care is all about self-love and self-love is the most satisfying thing in the world. Hand care is one important aspect of self-care. Using the Best Hand Cream for Dry Hands not only hydrates your hands but also comforts your mind to an extent. It’s a one-minute ritual to applying hand cream, which can be in your office or at a coffee shop. It’s all about admiring your hands for a minute in me-time. Close your eyes, clear your mind and rub the cream into your palms. This is a good reason to slow down, take your time and recharge the day before your rigorous routine begins. Plus, with the right products, your skin will be as soft as your velvety dress.

  1. Protects against Infections

Cracked or bleeding hands increase your chances of contracting bacteria and infections. Damaged and unprotected skin  contains more pathogens ,and regular  hand washing is pointless if not properly cared for. Washing hands continuously or at regular intervals causes the natural oils and moisture to lose which can lead to cracks and breakouts. Many of us regularly use body lotions and moisturizers on our hands, but this is not enough to achieve this goal. Choose a hand cream such as Aaranyaa’s Hand Cream, which has a powerful revitalizing formula made with manuka oil, moringa oil and other natural extracts. It repairs and heals damaged skin effectively.

  1. Portrays your Living Style

It might be an understatement for some that keeping hands flawlessly beautiful is a way to portray your living style. It is always believed that handshakes can take you to places unknown even to you because beautiful hands can put a first good impression on the one shaking your hand. So for a first good handshake and first good impression, you need good hands.  For this to happen, hand care should be taken seriously! So don’t forget to put the Best Hand Cream in your handbag before you leave your house and apply it just before meeting any person for a handshake. You never know your handshake can make this person your better half or your business partner in the future!

  1. Prevents Aging

The skin on the hands is one of the first places where signs of aging appear.  Your palm has one of the most beautiful and smoothest skins on the body. Our hands are used for a lot of things like pampering our face or body. But when we don’t pay attention to our hands, we are susceptible to the effects of aging. Hand  creams can help moisturize  and improve skin elasticity while fighting pigmentation, dehydration, and premature wrinkles. High-quality creams spread easily and go deeper into the skin to provide long-lasting hydration and help in restoring the skin’s moisture barrier. It soothes even the roughest and most dry skin. Just like your face, hand creams will keep your hand’s skin youthful and fresh.

  1. Soothes and Relaxes Mind

Imagine going for a business meeting with a mind full of anxiety and nervous shaky hands. Pause whatever you are doing and apply hand cream. It takes only a few seconds to do this but it truly relaxes your mind and relieves anxiety. Applying a hand cream that soothes the nerves and relieves tension can be a huge stress buster. This is all self-management, and this one-minute ritual restores the mind and wards off anxiety. Restore your skin and restore your mind with hand cream!