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Glowing Skin No More A Dream

Posted by Vikram Singh on

An important element of healthy skin is its natural radiance. There are a lot of factors that can bring radiance to the skin and ward off radiance too. Lack of sleep, stress, age and even the food you eat can make your skin less radiant. It is a combination of product, practice and perseverance to create vacation-like skin: healthy, radiant and translucent skin. The good news is that you can transform tired, pale skin into a radiant body at home. Read our complete guide below to learn more about taking proper care of your glowing skin for your morning and evening routine.

  1. Your AM Routine

         a. Cleansing

The first thing you'll need for skincare is a clean slate. Choose a gentle Ayurvedic cleanser that will remove excess oil from your skin overnight. Avoid harsh cleansers that dry out your skin and keep that glow off the chart. Choose a face wash with moisturizing and soothing ingredients like aloe vera.

         b. Toning

When your face is clean, dry it off with a towel by patting it. Cleansing can change the pH of the skin, after which the toner helps. The toner not only balances the pH of the skin but also tightens the pores so that the next product is better absorbed into the skin. Look for a toner with ingredients like tea tree that helps to restore vital nutrients while providing an enduring glow and elasticity to the skin.

         c. Skin Fixing with a serum

Serums are your best friend if you wish for glowing skin! Serum is a concentrated solution of active ingredients that is easier to absorb, more effective and designed to address specific skin problems. These serums can treat acne, hyper pigmentation, severe dryness, fine lines and more. Vitamin C serums are great for morning skincare as their antioxidants can protect you from free radical damage throughout the day

         d. Moisturizing

Once the serum is completely absorbed into the skin, apply a moisturizer. A serum is meant to provide ample moisture, but when you need glowing skin, moisturizers provide a good skin barrier, retain moisture and prevent moisture loss. Depending on the season, choose a moisturizer that is thick in winter and light in summer.

          e. Sun Protecting

Whatever you do, don't skip this step! Sun damage is one of the main causes that can make or break your skin, and it is impossible to achieve the desired glow without sunscreen. UV rays are very harmful and can cause pigmentation, uneven skin and premature aging. Wear sunscreen even on cloudy days or indoors.

           f. Misting

A face mist is the perfect finishing touch for obtaining lovely, glowing skin. You can easily make your face mist by diluting rose water and adding a few drops of essential oil. Pour into a spray bottle and carry it around with you to spritz on for instant glow. This is especially important to refresh and rejuvenate your skin during the summer months.

    2. Your PM Routine

       a. Cleansing

It is recommended to cleanse the skin at least twice a day, in the morning and the evening or before sleeping. However, cleaning at night is slightly different from cleaning in the morning. When applying makeup, use an oil-based cleanser or makeup remover to remove makeup residue from your face. Then moisten the face with water and a face wash to remove dirt, grime, and excess oil. Use a herbal face wash that will gently exfoliate your skin.

       b. Night Moisturizing

After the essence of the skin mask is completely absorbed into the skin, fix up water and nutrients to your skin with a night cream. Night creams are usually slightly heavier than day creams. A night cream effectively fixes fine lines, while giving you wrinkle-free and youthful skin. 

        c. Healing

Every skin requires healing from damaged, dried and infections. Indulging yourself in applying moisturizing creams at night is a good habit because the skin remains untouched and protected at nights. Hardened skin is generally found in calloused heels, elbow or knee joints. To provide that extra nourishment to your feet’s skin, wash them gently with warm water and apply a heel cream. These creams provide deep hydration to dry & calloused heels, much-needed soothing, keeps the skin from drying and remove bacterial infections of the foot. Moisturizing body lotion can also be applied on elbow and knee joints to soften hard and dry skin. 


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5 Reasons Why Hand Cream is the Most Important Product in Your Handbag

Posted by Vikram Singh on

Have you ever realized how many times you use your hands in a day? It begins as soon as you wake up when you snooze your alarm clock, tip-tap on your phone for Instagramming, tie your bun, bathe with a shower gel or even do chores. Yes, it’s the most useful part of the body yet very much neglected. Many of us love to stock up our bathroom shelves  with expensive soaps, shampoos, shower gels and eye creams.  However, there is no such cream for our hands and there is no such hand care routine too. Taking care of your hands doesn’t need a 10-step ritual like shopping exclusively in Sephora cosmetic store or following a Youtube channel for measured steps or even buy a separate cosmetic bag to fit into your handbag. Taking care of hands is just about using one simple hand cream. Read on to know why hand cream is the most important product in your handbag.   

  1. It’s always about Self-love and Self-care

Self-care is all about self-love and self-love is the most satisfying thing in the world. Hand care is one important aspect of self-care. Using the Best Hand Cream for Dry Hands not only hydrates your hands but also comforts your mind to an extent. It’s a one-minute ritual to applying hand cream, which can be in your office or at a coffee shop. It’s all about admiring your hands for a minute in me-time. Close your eyes, clear your mind and rub the cream into your palms. This is a good reason to slow down, take your time and recharge the day before your rigorous routine begins. Plus, with the right products, your skin will be as soft as your velvety dress.

  1. Protects against Infections

Cracked or bleeding hands increase your chances of contracting bacteria and infections. Damaged and unprotected skin  contains more pathogens ,and regular  hand washing is pointless if not properly cared for. Washing hands continuously or at regular intervals causes the natural oils and moisture to lose which can lead to cracks and breakouts. Many of us regularly use body lotions and moisturizers on our hands, but this is not enough to achieve this goal. Choose a hand cream such as Aaranyaa’s Hand Cream, which has a powerful revitalizing formula made with manuka oil, moringa oil and other natural extracts. It repairs and heals damaged skin effectively.

  1. Portrays your Living Style

It might be an understatement for some that keeping hands flawlessly beautiful is a way to portray your living style. It is always believed that handshakes can take you to places unknown even to you because beautiful hands can put a first good impression on the one shaking your hand. So for a first good handshake and first good impression, you need good hands.  For this to happen, hand care should be taken seriously! So don’t forget to put the Best Hand Cream in your handbag before you leave your house and apply it just before meeting any person for a handshake. You never know your handshake can make this person your better half or your business partner in the future!

  1. Prevents Aging

The skin on the hands is one of the first places where signs of aging appear.  Your palm has one of the most beautiful and smoothest skins on the body. Our hands are used for a lot of things like pampering our face or body. But when we don’t pay attention to our hands, we are susceptible to the effects of aging. Hand  creams can help moisturize  and improve skin elasticity while fighting pigmentation, dehydration, and premature wrinkles. High-quality creams spread easily and go deeper into the skin to provide long-lasting hydration and help in restoring the skin’s moisture barrier. It soothes even the roughest and most dry skin. Just like your face, hand creams will keep your hand’s skin youthful and fresh.

  1. Soothes and Relaxes Mind

Imagine going for a business meeting with a mind full of anxiety and nervous shaky hands. Pause whatever you are doing and apply hand cream. It takes only a few seconds to do this but it truly relaxes your mind and relieves anxiety. Applying a hand cream that soothes the nerves and relieves tension can be a huge stress buster. This is all self-management, and this one-minute ritual restores the mind and wards off anxiety. Restore your skin and restore your mind with hand cream!


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5 benefits of scalp massage for Hair Growth

Posted by Vikram Singh on

Remember the last time you had a scalp massage? Don’t you remember the relaxation after a gentle scalp massage? Scalp massage should be on your priority list for its numerous pleasure and benefits. It certainly reduces stress and tension, but did you know there are studies showing scalp massage can promote hair growth? There are other health benefits that scalp massage can bring. Hair growth is the biggest benefit associated with a scalp massage. Many people don't believe this until they understand why. Before we list down the benefits of scalp massage, let’s first learn about the basics of scalp massage.

Basics of Scalp Massage

A simple massage with an emphasis on the scalp is a scalp massage. Various scalp massage techniques are available, depending on personal preference and the area of massage. The scalp massage effectively rubs the scalp with your fingers, sometimes your palms. Some commercially available devices can simulate fingertip pressure for an effective massage.

It is common knowledge that most of us build up a lot of tension and tension that accumulates all on the hairline, behind the ears, and at the back of the head. This may be due to excessive stress in the office due to a sedentary work style and poor attitudes. We often fail to notice this tension. However, scalp massage is soothing enough to release daily tensions.

Role of Ayurveda in Scalp Massage

Scalp massage is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment that has been practiced in India for over 5000 years. In Ayurveda, there is Shiroabhyanga, the general name for head massage. Shiro Abhyanga is a Sanskrit word made up of two words: Shiro (head) and Abhyanga (massage). Shiro Abhyanga describes head, neck and shoulder massage using pure Ayurvedic herbal oils.

According to Ayurveda, there are 108 important points called “marmas” in our body, and 31 marmas occur in the head that are the main pressure points where arteries, veins, and cranial nerves interconnect. These Marma points help to relax, cool and brighten the hair area. Massaging these pressure points improves blood circulation and promotes the growth of healthy and strong hair.

Benefits of Scalp Massage for Hair Growth

According to researchers and hair experts, did you know that strong dark hair depends on a healthy diet, proper nutrition, and good circulation? Read on to know more about these benefits.

  • Increase in hair follicles

Scalp massage increases the number of hair follicle cells, increasing hair thickness. It stimulates hair follicles to produce thicker hair. Scalp massage is also thought to help dilate the blood vessels under the skin and promote hair growth.

  • Increase in blood circulation for hair growth

A gentle massage on the scalp improves blood circulation in the scalp area. At the same time, it directs the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the area needed for the proper growth of hair. This is also beneficial for those with a tense scalp. The accumulated stress often restricts effective blood flow to the head. The massage relieves tension in and around the affected area and improves blood circulation. Better the blood circulation, better the hair growth! 

  • Produce thicker hair

The benefits of scalp massage for hair growth are concentrated in the hair follicles. All hair on the scalp begins to live in the hair follicles just below the scalp. Studies have shown that scalp massage increases the number of hair follicle cells, increasing thickness. It stimulates the hair follicles to produce thicker hair. Scalp massage is also thought to help dilate the blood vessels under the skin and promote hair growth.

  • Improvement in the condition of damaged hair

It helps protect hair from the negative effects of the sun and bad weather, increasing its resilience to tolerate harshness over time. It restores and rejuvenates dry and damaged hair, thus preventing them from excessive breakage and split ends. So it promotes hair growth after restoring damaged hair.

  • Promotes new hair growth on a dry scalp

Generally, constant use of hair coloring agents or chemical-based shampoos causes the scalp to dry out and promote flaking. Regular scalp massage with carrier oil lubricates, nourishes, exfoliates and prevents dry scalp. It helps in spreading the natural oils of the hair on the dry scalp to increase hair luster and vibrancy.

Best Recommended Oils for a Scalp Massage

The oil acts as a lubricant, and even without oil, you can easily loosen your hair due to the friction that occurs during the massage. In addition, the oil and scent of the oil on the scalp and hair has many benefits. One of the best we recommend is Aaranyaa’s Rejuvenating Hair Oil that treats issues like dry hair, hair fall, hair thinning and dry scalp. Its unique formulation is infused with natural extracts to improve blood circulation in the scalp, provide added nourishment to hair, strengthen the hair roots, and prevent hair fall.

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The Amazing Benefits of Activated Charcoal For Your Skin

Posted by Vikram Singh on

Want younger skin and smaller pores? Definitely! Honestly, who doesn't need young skin and small, unclogged, non-existent pores? You already know that you need to keep your pores clean and healthy to keep your skin looking youthful, but did you know there are benefits to using activated charcoal for your skin? Healing products containing activated charcoal have a strong detoxifying effect on the pores, leaving the skin clear and radiant. Let’s learn more about how pores work, how to keep your pores healthy to have smoother, younger-looking skin.

Importance of Pores in our Body

You can't get rid of the pores. Your body needs it. The pores serve as a passageway for oil (sebum), which the body naturally produces. Failure to cleanse pores can lead to infection or blockages that lead to acne and blackheads breakouts.  Some people are born with larger pores than others, but cleaning the pores with a well-balanced product and moisturizing it can minimize their obvious appearance on the skin. Proper cleaning is important to reduce the appearance of pores, but there are other steps you can take to prevent clogging of pores:

  • Do not put dirty and greasy hands on your face.
  • Use sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful rays.
  • Skip going for aggressive exfoliation as it aggravates pores. Instead of a heavy scrub, choose a mild Mask.
  • Do not avoid applying moisturizer but use it only twice a day. We also recommend applying an organic moisturizer to your face that is free from harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin.

Benefits of Using Products with Activated Charcoal

  • The beauty of activated charcoal is that it effectively cleanses the skin, unclogs pores, and removes the deepest impurities and dead skin cells making the skin smooth, supple and even textured.
  • Charcoal molecules have magnetic properties to attract toxins, heavy metals, dirt, chemicals and other poisons. Charcoal molecules take these away when it gets washed away from the skin, keeping the skin purified.
  • One of the best features of using activated charcoal products is that it eliminates toxins, heavy metals, dirt, chemicals and other poisons from the skin without absorbing the vitamins and nutrients that help keep your skin glowing and healthy.
  • A good quality activated charcoal-based cleanser can help you balance the emollients, essential oils, and vitamins you need to keep your skin healthy and prevent dry skin.
  • Activated charcoal has inert properties that don’t cause allergic reactions and does not irritate sensitive skin. In fact, activated charcoal can be used to treat allergic skin reactions.

To deeply cleanse pores and remove impurities, you need a face mask with an active blend of activated charcoal, organic herbs and natural clay. Our recommendation is Aaranyaa’s Peel off Mask that contains Activated Charcoal and natural extracts of Amla, Turmeric and Moringa Oil. It detoxifies and purifies the skin which enhances the skin tone and helps in fighting skin problems like acne caused by dirt and pollutants.

Our other recommendation is using Aaranyaa’s Charcoal Face Scrub that is made with Activated Charcoal along with Lemongrass and Eucalyptus Essential Oils. Lemongrass Oil has antifungal, insecticidal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Eucalyptus oil has antibacterial, anti-infectious, antispasmodic which treats acne, and smoothens skin. This scrub will draw out all the toxins and blemishes from your face and will give your skin a youthful glow.

Cleaning your pores with natural activated charcoal will not completely remove them in one go. However, you need to follow a regular pore cleansing skincare routine for your pores to remain healthy and clean. You will then have fresh and youthful skin to show with the world.

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Working From Home? How To Take Care Of Your Skin?

Posted by Vikram Singh on

The recent pandemic situation has made work from home funda highly necessary and popular. It also meant disturbing the existing social routine and taking a step towards an isolation routine. Besides this, the beauty routines of women have drastically changed while quarantining. The air around you, meals, sleep pattern, everything changes and these changes impact the health of the skin. From ultra sparkly and flawless skin to dull and dry skin, it can be anything while you are hidden at home. One of the disadvantages of working from home is that your screen time skyrockets. At this moment, understanding the hidden danger and protecting yourself from the high energy visible (HEV) rays that are produced by your flat screen TV’s, computers, tablets, and mobile phones becomes very important. These radiations are harmful not only to our body but to our skin too. So let’s follow a skincare routine while you are working from home.

1) Cleanse daily

One of the essentials that you shouldn’t miss on doing is cleaning your face before you sleep and after you wake up. Sweat accumulates on the skin and clogs the pores with dirt or bacteria causing acne. To avoid such skin issues, compulsorily wash your face with a cleanser. Another essential that you should follow is cleaning your makeup with cleansing milk before sleep. This is especially important for skin having problems like acne or open pores. Including these in your skincare routine will keep your face acne-free and clean.

Our recommendation: Aaranyaa Tea Tree or Aaranyaa Neem Face Wash which are sulphate free and is made of natural ingredients and herbal extracts to effectively cleanse skin pores, remove grime, dirt and excess oil. It gently exfoliates dead cells and leaves skin soft and moist.

Aaranyaa Cleansing Milk is formulated with all natural, organic seed oils and herbal extracts. This natural extracts cleanser is a hydrating makeup removing cleanser that gently cleanses your skin and helps retain your skin's moisture. It eliminates impurities and gives it a youthful glow.

Aaranyaa Alcohol-Free Astringent Toner Rosemary & Tea Tree is a refreshing blend of AFA extracts and Rosemary oil. The uniquely formulated toner and astringent hydrates and tones your sensitive facial skin. It helps restore vital nutrients and reduces any dark spots and blemishes.

 2) Exfoliate twice a week

When you work and live in the same room, skincare rituals can help mark the beginning and end of work. It's important to add exfoliation as a skincare ritual even when you're not out of the house. Do this twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells to get velvety soft skin. After this, moisturize your face with a face cream that best suits your skin type. Use the products that have been fetching positive results for you previously to avoid messing up your skin while the parlors and skin specialists are unavailable.

Our recommendation: Aaranyaa Exfoliating Almond Face Scrub is enriched with Almond oil, Walnut granules and traditional Indian herbs that provide hydration and nourishment to the skin through gentle exfoliation. Also try Aaranyaa Charcoal Face Scrub which is made with Activated Charcoal along with Lemongrass and Eucalyptus Essential Oils. Regular use of this scrub will make your skin soft, supple and glowing.

 3) Masking once a week

While travelling time has been saved when you work from home, you have some time to spare for skincare home therapy that is, preparing for a face mask. An essential beauty tip after exfoliating or masking is to apply toner on the face. Pour 2-3 drops of toner on cotton pad and gently dab on the face. This helps to close the pores which were once open after masking. This prevents dirt to settle in the pores and cause blackheads. Carefully, take a look at the ingredients that suit your skin type and try a quick remedy to soothe your skin. This is also a good time to invest more in natural remedies that you have never tried before due to time constraints.

Our recommendation: Aaranyaa Rejuvenating Face Pack Turmeric - Turmeric helps clear acne scars and inflammation. It also reduces excessive oil secretion. The unique blend of natural clay and turmeric in this face mask effectively minimizes the appearance of pores thereby toning the facial skin. It rejuvenates your skin and provides a healthy glow.

Aaranyaa Peel off Mask contains Activated Charcoal and natural extracts of Amla, Turmeric and Moringa Oil. It detoxifies and purifies the skin which enhances the skin tone and helps in fighting skin problems like acne caused by dirt and pollutants.

 4) Moisturize daily

Humid air helps to dry the skin more quickly indoors. Moisturizing is the best home remedy for rehydrating dry, parched skin. Moisturizing facial creams complement cleansers as part of a simple skincare routine. This beneficial combination leaves your skin feeling smooth and well-groomed. The best moisturizer should have the right amount of sun protection factor (SPF) to protect your skin from direct sunlight entering your homes during the daytime.

Our recommendation: Aaranyaa Daily Moisturising Cream boosts your skin's hydration, prevents flaking and dullness and creates a protective layer of moisture that lasts all day. The potent formula improves skin texture, masks imperfections and is the perfect base for your makeup if needed.  

5) Protection with a sunscreen

Radiations from the screen and sun, both are harmful to the skin. Sunscreens should be included as a year-round preventive health measure for all skin types, be it dark or light. Remember to consider SPF of more than 30 for the skin and 15 for the body. Protecting your skin from UV rays using good sunscreen also lowers the risk of skin cancer. Sun blocks offers many benefits like preventing discoloration and dark spots from sun damage, helping you maintain a smoother and more even skin tone.

Our recommendation: Aaranyaa Sun Block Lotion SPF 40 helps prevent the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from damaging the skin cells and ageing skin prematurely. The non-greasy and water-resistant Sun Block Lotion nourishes your skin from within while Vitamin E reinvigorates and softens the skin.


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