Why Tea Tree Oil Should Be Added to Your Skin Care Routine

Why Tea Tree Oil Should Be Added to Your Skin Care Routine - aaranyaa skincare

Extracted from the leaves of the Australian Melaleuca alternifolia tree, tea tree oil is popularly known as nature’s do-it-all weapon.

While it has a number of uses, it can be used as an antiseptic, DIY mouthwash, homemade cleaner, or natural deodorant, to list a few — several home remedy buffs prefer this essential oil for its skin healing properties.

Following are some reasons as to why Tea Tree Oil should be added to your skincare routine.

  1. Removes acne

Generally, tea tree oil is known for its use as a pore purifier and zit remover. Thanks to its natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, tea tree oil has been known to minimize unclog pores, redness, and help in the healing of existing breakouts.

While it’s not a mandatory product known to replace your entire skincare regimen, research shows that adding it to your routine can have skin-clearing benefits.

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  1. Illuminates up your skin

Tea tree oil fights acne as well as avoids breakouts. Additionally, it can also help you get that dewy, perfectly glowing skin. Using a tea tree oil face product gives you better hydration and decreased oiliness on your skin.

 Our recommendation: If you want clear and glowing skin, you should be using Aaranya’s Face Wash Tea Tree + Moringa face wash. Loaded with Tea Tree Oil extracts, this face wash is ideal for everyday use. It is mild and sulfate-free, which helps clean your pores.

  1. Keeps your hands clean

Let us take our current pandemic-induced love for handwashing and turn it up a notch. Tea tree oil’s antibacterial characteristics might give your favorite hand cleaner a boost. Tea tree oil has antimicrobial properties, which means it can prevent the growth of viruses and bacteria such as the flu virus and E. coli.

You can add a few drops can be added to hand wash or an alcohol-based sanitizer for best cleanliness results. Also, since it helps hydrate your skin, your already washed hands will be grateful to you.

  1. Stops dandruff at the source

Thanks to Tea tree oil’s anti-flake, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties, your dandruff will be banished when all come into play for calming that scalp.

  1. Keeps you fresh

It would be great if we could always smell like we just stepped out of the freshest of the gardens. By the end of the day, it’s more like stepping out of an extremely sweaty gym. Sweat alone is odorless but becomes smelly once it blends with your skin’s bacteria. Tea tree oil could fight that body odor and keep your underarms fresh.

  1. Pacifies a burn

While applying tea tree oil to an open wound is a strict no-no, it could help small pain. Tea tree essential oil is known to be a natural antiseptic. It even helps heal burns and skin wounds when diluted into a gel. Keep some tea tree oil balm around the kitchen for the next time you neglect and get yourself burnt.

  1. Stops the itchiness

When you find yourself scratching an itch, get that tea tree oil bottle near you. It will hydrate skin and reduce the dryness that makes you itch uncontrollably. If your skin is itching because of inflammation, it could help with that itching, too.

  1. Avoids staph infections

Tea tree oil has been known to remove microorganisms like Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). This is the stuff that can result in staph infections. Staph can be found on gym equipment or yoga mats. The Terpinen-4-ol in tea tree oil is a “potent agent” against Staph infection.

After hitting the gym, use a tea tree oil body wash to wipe out the microscopic nasties. Tea tree oil has taken the world by storm lately. And thanks to its overall properties, it is being rightfully appreciated. Note that the tea tree oil is potent in its original form, so you should blend it with other oils if you want to directly apply to your skin.