What Is Shea Butter? 7 Reasons Why You Should Add It To Your Skincare Routine

What Is Shea Butter? 7 Reasons Why You Should Add It To Your Skincare Routine - aaranyaa skincare

If you have ever strolled through the endless shelves of moisturizers in a store, you now know how famous shea butter is, at least by name. Shea butter has been utilized in cosmetics for a very long time. It has earned an important position on the list of ingredients in some of the most opulent tried-and-tested skincare ranges, created by the most renowned brands. However, what role does shea butter play in your skincare routine which is one of the best skincare product?

Concept of Shea Butter:

Shea tree nuts are used to make shea butter, a type of fat that is Off-white or ivory in colour. It solidifies at warm temperatures, giving it its consistency and texture. Owing to its rich vitamin and fatty acid content and spreadable consistency, it's a great solution for nourishing, soothing, and conditioning your skin. Fatty acids present in it protect the skin's natural barrier from environmental harshness, including pollution.

Numerous Benefits of Shea Butter:

1. It is suitable for all skin types: 

Technically speaking, shea butter is a tree nut product. It has a minimal amount of protein which can cause allergies, unlike the majority of other tree nut products. In actuality, no medical research supports a statement that says 'shea butter causes allergy.' Shea butter doesn't clog pores and doesn't contain any chemical irritants that are known to dry out the skin. That's why it is suitable for use on almost all skin types.

2. It is moisturizing:

Shea butter is frequently used in creams because of its moisturizing capabilities. These advantages are related to the presence of fatty acids in shea, like linoleic, oleic, stearic, and palmitic acids. These oils act as ‘refattening agents’ that replenish lipids and restore the skin’s barrier. By re-establishing the barrier between your skin and the outside world, shea butter keeps moisture intact and lowers the chance of your skin becoming dry.

3. It does not make your skin oily:

High concentrations of linoleic and oleic acids can be found in shea butter. These two acids neutralize one another. Because of this neutralizing effect, shea butter is easily absorbed into your skin without releasing any extra oil onto the skin. 

4. It prevents acne:

Diverse fatty acids are abundant in shea butter. This aids in removing extra oil from your skin (sebum) and also seals the moisture inside the skin. The ability to remove sebum while simultaneously moisturizing your skin helps balance your skin's natural oils. They serve as the building blocks of healthy cell membranes that safeguard and maintain the skin's natural oil barrier. The more oil is secreted, the more acne forms. Thus, Shea Butter can reduce the chances of acne forming in the first place. 

5. It reduces the appearance of prominent fine lines and wrinkles:

Shea's moisturizing and antioxidant qualities combine to support the production of healthy new skin cells in your body. Your body continuously produces new skin cells and sheds old ones. In reality, you shed anything from 30,000 to 40,000 old skin cells daily. Shea butter helps in increasing collagen formation and encouraging new cell development. This further lessens what researchers refer to as photoaging, or wrinkles and fine lines that are caused by natural ageing and environmental stress on the skin.

6. It gives a clear, glowing complexion: 

Our bodies regularly replace our old skin cells with new ones and shed the old ones. When our skin's surface has the proper amount of moisture, our body speeds up cell regeneration. Shea butter gives much-needed moisture to the skin, developing new cells and improving the health of the skin. This helps in getting a clear, radiant complexion.  

7. It helps in healing sunburns and other skin conditions:

Shea butter's oils may be helpful for first-degree (superficial) skin burns. The anti-inflammatory qualities of shea help to stop irritation on the skin. This could be especially beneficial for skin diseases that cause inflammation, such as eczema and psoriasis. Shea is also a fast absorber, resulting in speedy relief for flare-ups. According to research, shea butter may be just as effective in treating eczema as prescription treatments.

Have you tried our product? 

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