How Can You Get Perfect Beauty Sleep?

How Can You Get Perfect Beauty Sleep? - aaranyaa skincare

Fed up of looking tired every morning? A concealer can hide your sleepy eyes but putting on heavy makeup can’t beat a peaceful 8 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep can make your skin age before its time. It’s nightmare after nightmare.

Do you want to look fresh-faced every day after you wake up? There are some ways with which you can achieve that impossible 8 hours of sleep and be ready for the day. Read on to know more.

  1. Sleep on your back

When most people sleep, they often lie on their sides or their stomachs and press their face, chest, and body against the blanket and the pillow. Though it might feel more comfortable, sleeping on the sides can lead t premature aging with those pillows and blankets pulling on your skin. When there is too much pulling of your skin, it loses its natural elasticity.

Sleeping on your back is the best way to avoid wrinkles and skin pulling. You should keep your skin as free of contact as you can while sleeping.

  1. Earplugs at night

It’s impossible to look refreshed and gorgeous if you are constantly tossing and turning in your bed. While some can sleep through a storm, there are some who are extremely sensitive to sounds while sleeping.

For such sensitive people, it is recommended they use earplugs. Earplugs are easily available at any drug store. You can effortlessly drift off by blocking unwanted noise with the earplugs.

  1. Keep your room temperature low

At night, your body’s normal temperature declines. A low temperature while sleeping is beneficial for your blood flow and metabolism. This will result in sound sleep and improved REM sleep.

Improving your blood flow will oxygenate your skin and keep your skin healthy. Maintaining a cool temperature will allow your body to function properly and will let you sleep in peace. And in turn, you will get your perfect beauty sleep.

  1. Hydrate your skin before sleeping

It is essential that you moisturize your skin at night. While you moisturize during the day, the creams may not be enough to sustain the night.

As you cleanse and wash your face after a hectic day, pamper your skin with a deeply moisturizing night cream. It will keep your skin hydrated; plump and younger-looking while you are busy getting your beauty sleep.

Our recommendation: We suggest Aaranyaa’s Youth Preserve Night Cream Okra which nourishes your skin throughout the night. Made with rich nutrients, the goodness of Okra extract, and Indian herbs, this night cream will work wonders for your skin. It removes dullness, making the skin look radiant and supple.

  1. Massage your head and body

People who haven't had a massage before sleeping have never experienced heaven. A small massage session can calm all your nerves and help you relax. A soothing 10-minute massage can help you sleep through anything. And if you are planning to wash your hair the next day, you should get a head massage too.

Our recommendation: If you want to massage and rejuvenate your hands and legs, then we suggest Aaranya’s Hand and Cuticle Cream. This cream not only moisturizes your skin but also leaves your hands with fragranced and tender notes.

And if you want to massage your legs as well as heal them, then you should try Aaranya’s Soft Heel Cream. Concocted with ingredients that act quickly on your heels, this cream will repair your cracked heels instantly.


Getting a quiet and the right amount of sleep is an impossible feat. But with the right steps and products, you can sleep and get up refreshed every day. Try the methods above and get the beauty sleep you so truly deserve.