A Fresh Start!

A Fresh Start! - aaranyaa skincare

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Manavi Siddhanti and I’m a lifestyle journalist and a beauty blogger based in New Delhi, India. I cannot tell you how happy I am to see you here, on aaranyaa’s website.

So what am I doing here? Let me tell you!

How I First Met Mr. Singh

About four years ago, I worked for India Today Group wherein I met one of the owners behind the brand, Mr Nagendra P Singh. Clad in comfy casuals (and two decades of experience at MNCs), he was unlike the people I usually meet. He neither tried too hard to sell his product nor did he have any overexaggerated claims. He let his products do the talking. He asked me to try his products and let him know what I think, “That’s my number on the label,” Mr Singh said.

Most brands give out toll-free numbers that are usually answered by harrowed customer executives. He took it upon himself to receive, and respond to each and every customer’s feedback. With such a genuine connection from the beginning, I started liking some of aaranyaa’s products (a sulfate-free shampoo in particular!) and even wrote about them.

Time passed, I moved onto new ventures (my own, this time) and aaranyaa grew steadily, taking its customers by storm.

How we reconnected

Mr. Singh got to hear I had become a blogger through an ex-colleague and got in touch with me. A few calls later, he told me what he was up to, and I came onboard as their social media manager, content creator, and blogger. Our Facebook page is growing as a genuine community and our Instagram feed is getting more and more likes every day.

New Beginnings

As the brand sticks to its principles of Ayurvedic skincare, Mr. Singh, along with the expertise of Dr PR Singh works on new product launches and a special milestone: Our all new website. Let’s celebrate this fresh new start by saying thank you. Thank you for being a part of Team aaranyaa.

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Until next time.