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Welcome to aaranyaa, a natural beauty brand based in India. Home to quality products made with natural ingredients, we promise optimum results with minimal use of preservatives and chemicals. We are committed to designing and developing products which take care of skin naturally and effectively.
Be it uneven skin tone or signs of aging, we all have skin problems. Here are main causes of skin problems

  • Lack of hydration of skin and its inability to hold moisture.
  • Insufficient supply of keratin, the protein that is essential for keratinization. A lack in keratin will lead to an imbalance in new versus old skin cells.
  • Poor exfoliation that is, removal of dead skin cells.
    Insufficient supply of collagen and elastin proteins. With time, the skin loses its elasticity as well as its ability to produce collagen.
  • Damage by free radicals to the skin. It may be due to degradation of the defense system of the antioxidants or excessive exposure of the skin to pollutants in the atmosphere.
  • Exposure to UV rays kills melanocytes and disturbs the melanin balance. This can cause dehydrated skin, leading to brown spots, and in some cases, even cause skin cancer.
  • Any of these problems may lead to premature aging, wrinkles, dry and patchy skin, pigmentation, or acne. We use a holistic approach to address these problems of human skin through a wide range of aaranyaa products which imbibe the essence of modern skin care technology and Ayurvedic system of skin care.

We use a holistic approach to address these problems of human skin through a wide range of aaranyaa products which imbibe the essence of modern skin care technology and Ayurvedic system of skin care

why choose aaranyaa

We believe in making sure our customers get the best from us.

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    Fusion of Ayurveda with modern skin-care technology

    Aaranyaa is a unique brand in skincare which has amplified the ancient Indian Ayurveda skincare system in today’s day and age. We infuse natural, skin- friendly ingredients called Amino Fruit Acids (derived from Indian fruits) and herbs used in Ayurveda into our range.

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    Paraben and sulfate- free products

    Aaranyaa does not use any form of parabens in their product range. Shampoos and facewashes contain very low sulfate  or no sulfate at all.

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    Lightweight and quick to absorb

    Aaranyaa products are predominantly water-based. An increase in the water content enables our products to be absorbed quicker by our skin, and provide deep hydration to your skin.

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    Conforming to Global Standards

    We advocate a healthy lifestyle, so our products are not only corrective in nature but also good for your skin. These products conform to global standards (FDA, US) when making natural beauty products. All products are approved by Indian FDA too.

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    Cruelty-free products

    Our products do not have any animal-derived ingredients. And be assured, we do not test our products on animals.

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    Shelf life sans harmful preservatives

    Aaranyaa uses mild preservatives that are naturally derived or used in food products. Parabens, allergens, and strong preservatives are not used in any of our products.

products @ aaranyaa

Aaranyaa Rejuvenating Hair Oil-hair fall arrest

Hair care • Top Selling

Aaranyaa Sulphate Free Seabuckthorn Shampoo

Hair care • Top Selling

Aaranyaa Hair Pack Argan Oil (Spa at Home)

Hair care • Top Selling

Aaranyaa SugruB-Face & Body Scrub With Sugur & Caffeine

Body care • Top Selling

Aaranyaa Daily Moisturizing Cream

Face care • Top Selling

Aaranya EE Anti-Wrinkle Cream with Okra

Face care • Top Selling

blog at aaranyaa 

Photo via Unsplash by Hu Veri Ivanova under CCL

A Fresh Start!

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Manavi Siddhanti and I’m a lifestyle journalist and a beauty blogger based in New Delhi, India.

I cannot tell you how happy I am to see you here, on Aaranyaa’s website.

So what am I doing here? Let me tell you!

How I First Met Mr. Singh

About four years ago, I worked for India Today Group wherein I met one of the owners behind the brand, Mr Nagendra P Singh. Clad in comfy casuals (and two decades of experience at MNCs), he was unlike the people I usually meet. He neither tried too hard to sell his product nor did he had any overexaggerated claims.

He let his products do the talking.

He asked me to try his products and let him know what I think.

“That’s my number on the label,” Mr Singh said.

Most brands give out toll-free numbers that are usually answered by harrowed customer executives. He took it upon himself to receive, and respond to each and every customer’s feedback.

With such a genuine connection from the beginning, I started liking some of Aaranyaa’s products (a sulfate-free shampoo in particular!) and even wrote about them.

Time passed, I moved onto newer ventures (my own, this time) and Aaranyaa grew steadily, taking its customers by storm.

How we reconnected
Mr. Singh got to hear I had become a blogger through an ex-colleague and got in touch with me. A few calls later, he told me what he was up to, and I came onboard as their social media manager, content creator, and blogger.

Our Facebook page is growing as a genuine community and our Instagram feed is getting more and more likes every day.

New Beginnings

As the brand sticks to its principles of Ayurvedic skincare, Mr. Singh, along with the expertise of Dr PR Singh works on new product launches.

And a special milestone: our all new website.

Let’s celebrate this fresh new start by saying thank you. Thank you for being a part of Team Aaranyaa.

Don’t forget to tell us what you think of our website in the comments’ section.

Until next time.

What Our Discerning Users Say

I’ve been using Aaranyaa products for the last 4 years, and believe me, it’s one of the best skin and hair brands available. Gentle on skin, a must-try is Aaranyaa Sugar Scrub. Some of the products like Aaranyaa Facial Massage Cream and Argan Oil Hair Spa are so good and indulgent that you can actually skip a visit to the salon.
Kanikaharnal Tugnait
Kanikaharnal Tugnait
A meeting with Mr Nagendra Pal Singh changed my outlook towards skincare products since I can actually use products which have little to no preservatives and get great results! It’s not just me—my husband and my children also use some of the products from the brand. My favourites are Aaranyaa Tea Tree Face Wash, Okra Night Cream and Hairfall Control Argan Shampoo.
I have been using several products of Aaranyaa and I’ve found each of them to be outstanding. Their sulphate-free shampoos in particular has improved the texture of my hair. I have full faith in their products and would recommend them on any given day.
Rekha Sharma
Rekha Sharma
I’ve been using Aaranyaa Okra Night Cream ever since it was launched. It has helped lighten acne scars and added a glow to my skin.
Manju Sharma
Manju Sharma